2019 Dates & Tuition

“They had an enriching, wonderful, experience … The ability to create a sense of community, including the avodah (chores), making Shabbat Extra special, activities and camp life and atmosphere … made forming friendships and feeling connected to the overall Jewish community so accessible.”


2019 Program Dates & Tuition
Grade in Fall 2019 Shichvah (Age Group) Summer 2019 Dates # of Days 2019 Tuition
Chalutzimot (Taste of Tavor)
Available to First Time campers
1st Session: Monday, June 17 (12:30) – Sunday, June 23 (2pm) 7 $890
2nd Session: Sunday, July 14th – Sunday, July 21st 8 $890
3-7 Explore Tavor – First Session
(Available to 1st & 2nd year campers)
1st Session: Monday, June 17th – Sunday, June 30th 14 $2,435
3-7 Explore Tavor – Second Session
(Available to 1st & 2nd year campers)
2nd Session: Sunday, July 14th – Sunday, July 28th 15 $2,435
Full Sessions
1st Session: Monday, June 17th – Tuesday, July 9th 23 $3,969
2nd Session: Sunday, July 14th – Monday, August 5th 23 $3,969
Full Summer: First Session & Second Session** for 3rd – 9th grades. 46 $6,293
10 5 Week Bogrimot Program Sunday, June 30th (last day of Explore Tavor) Monday, August 5th 37 $5,145
12 Madatz Full Summer: Sunday, June 16 – Tuesday, August 6 (51 days) 51 $2,220



Round trip bus transportation to Camp Tavor is available for campers from Chicago, Ann Arbor, and Detroit. The round-trip bus fee is $150 for one camper. The round-trip bus fee for any additional campers from the same family is $100. One-way transportation for all campers is $75.

Transportation from Madison or Champagne or other Midwest cities may be available for specific sessions based on demand. Contact the camp office to discuss these possibilities


Session Summaries

Taste of Tavor

Our two Taste of Tavor programs are opportunities for first-time campers to have a wonderful shorter-term Jewish overnight camp experience, while still experiencing the highlights, excitement, and community building of full-session camp programming. During Taste of Tavor, chanichimot (campers) participate in all the wonderful aspects of Camp Tavor through a special program designed to help campers feel comfortable in a new overnight camp setting.

Taste of Tavor is available for first year chanichimot (campers) entering 3rd, 4th and 5th grade.


Explore Tavor

Our two Explore Tavor programs are medium-length overnight camping opportunities for first and second year chanichimot (campers) entering 3rd – 7th grade to explore Tavor’s unique and empowering camp programming.

Explore Tavor is a shortened version of our full length programs where campers are integrated into their age groups and leave Tavor one week early. The two week program includes a camping trip!


1st Session and 2nd Session

Camp Tavor offers two “standard” length sessions each summer. These sessions are perfect for campers who want to experience the full arc of education and fun offered at Tavor each summer.


Full Summer

Come experience Tavor for the whole summer! We offer a significantly discounted rate for campers that want to attend both First and Second Session. Please note that campers must return home between sessions.