Mazkirut (Summer Leadership Team)

Lior Appel-Kraut (Rosh Tavor, Summer Camp Director)

Lior’s first summer at Tavor was in 2003, and she has been involved with Habonim Dror ever since. After growing up at Tavor and participating in MBI and Madatz, Lior has taken on a variety of roles at machaneh (camp), including time as a madricha, mashatz, madatz madricha and melavah. Filling these many different roles on Tzevet Tavor (Tavor Staff) has given Lior an expansive perspective on what Tavor needs and how machaneh functions. Outside of Tavor, Lior will be graduating from Tufts University near Boston in May with a degree in American Studies. She has spent time in college working through Habonim Dror with her national kvutza (age-group), Boston-area community, and at HDNA national seminars. As an organizer and educator in movements for racial, economic, labor, and gender justice movements for the past 3 years, she has learned that Tavor is really good at what we do!

Lior is so excited to be Rosh Tavor 2017 because she believes in the education and community building that happens at Tavor. Her leadership skills, Jewish identity, and hope for justice in the world are all products of the impact that her childhood at Tavor had on her. This summer, Lior is looking forward to continuing to strengthening our movement education, working towards the empowerment of all Tavor’s campers, increasing our capacity and dedication to inclusion, and being creative and fun with our educational methods.

Lior can be reached by email at

Anya Friedman Hutter (Merakezet Techni, Technical Director)

Anya grew up at Habonim Dror Camp Galil, growing from a shy two-weeker in Amelimot 2004 to a musicale-performing, Revolution-planning Madatz in 2011. MBI was her first time meeting people from the wider Habonim Dror movement, including Tavor, and she’s been deepening her connection to and responsibility for the movement ever since. She gave Tavor a try as a Mashatz in 2015 and has found a true home in Three Rivers! Last summer she was Merakezet Chinuch (Education Coordinator) and is so excited and grateful to keep on learning and leading.

When she’s not at camp, Anya studies Sociology and Urban Education at the University of Pennsylvania and works in the ken (year-round Habonim Dror programming) in Philly. She has done four-plus years of Jewish education as a teacher and tutor and brings experience in group facilitation, organizing for worker justice, managing her co-op’s finances, and extreme list-making. She is passionate about building collaborative and empowering communities and also loves chocolate, singing, and both cats and dogs. Anya sees the Techni role as both organizer and educator, working hard and flexibly to help make the magic of Tavor possible. She can’t wait to join Ali as your Team Techni!

Ali Boreiko (Merakezet Techni, Technical Director)

Ali grew up in Massachusetts and has been working at Tavor for the past two summers as the chava (farm) specialist. This summer she’s excited to be taking on a new role as techni, where she can continue to share her passions for animals, food, farming, soccer, engineering, justice, Tavor, learning, and sharing!

Julia DeVarti (Merakezet Chinuch, Education Coordinator)

Julia has been coming to Tavor since 2005, and she’s so excited to be Merakezet Chinuch this summer (her 11th summer!)!! Julia is finishing up her senior year at Wesleyan University, where she majors in American Studies and unofficially minors in discovering the perfect grilled cheese. She can’t wait to bring fun and creative ideas to education at machaneh and to make this the best summer ever!

Co-Rosh Mitbach (Co-Kitchen Director)

Elan Ness-Cohn (Co-Rosh Mitbach, Kitchen Director)

Elan Ness-Cohn is so excited to be Rosh Mitbach (Kitchen Director) this summer at Machaneh (Camp) Tavor. This will be Elan’s 12th summer at Tavor and his 6th summer working on Tzevet (Staff). Elan loves the Tavor community, with every summer being just as magical and exciting as the last. He is so excited to be working with and feeding such an incredible group of madrichimot (counselors) and chanichimot (campers) and can’t wait to experience the summer with your children. He is currently finishing up his senior year at MIT in Cambridge, MA with a Bachelors of Science in Biology. As he did when he was a chanich (Camper), Elan is counting down the days ’till another great summer at Machaneh Tavor.

Co-Rosh Mitbach (Co-Kitchen Director)

Mia Russell (Co-Rosh Mitbach, Kitchen Director)

Mia is incredibly excited for her first summer at Machaneh Tavor! Mia started working in kitchens in 2014, and has loved cooking for people ever since. She is committed to supporting all madrichimot (counselors) and chanichimot (campers) with a healthy and delicious diet this summer, including those with food allergies and sensitivities. Mia is a senior at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she studies painting, drawing, and fiber arts. She’s looking forward to meeting everyone come June!

Chava Specialist (Farm Specialist)

Elliot Gross (Chava Specialist, Farm Specialist)

As the spring nears and so many plants miraculously pop to life, we are pleased to introduce Elliot Gross as camp Tavor’s summer 2017 chava (farm) specialist! Elliot has been going to Tavor since 2006 and Habonim Dror as a whole is a huge part of their life. Elliot is very excited to, once again, coordinate work in the chava and relate it to our ideology and Judaism. They are excited to work with all the beautiful people on tzevet (staff) and to see all the chanichimot (kids), old and new! Elliot is also excited for Taco Bar, because everyone knows that Taco Bar is the best camp meal.

Elliot, Elan (head of the kitchen) and Ali (technical director, former chava specialist) are looking forward to fresh produce from the Camp Tavor farm. Last year we delighted in a hearty harvest of kale, lettuce, green beans, zucchini, yellow squash, tomatoes, berries, radishes, beets, carrots, potatoes and more!

Melavah (Camper Wellness Specialist)

Zoe Friedland (Melavah, Camper Wellness Specialist)

Zoe has been spending her summers at camp since 2005 and she is proud to call them the best times of her life. Tavor has given her so much: some of her greatest friendships as well as the confidence to actively participate in a community. She has worked at camp for the past 4 summers in a variety of positions, including this past summer as one of the madrichimot (counselors) for the Madatz (counselor in training) program. She is passionate about supporting chanichimot (campers) and helping them be successful at machaneh (camp). She is so excited to continue that job this summer as the Melavah!

When she isn’t daydreaming about summers on the chof (lakefront), she is a student at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, where she is studying Art Education. She is especially interested in the ways education and self-care interact, which makes the position of Melavah even more exciting! Zoe is invested in creating spaces for campers and staff to feel empowered. Tavor is a magical place that offers campers the chance to learn about themselves, to try new things with a support system around them, and Zoe sees her job as melavah to foster those opportunities.