Program Highlights

In addition to all the engaging activities that are a part of a typical day at Camp Tavor, we have a number of special activities that provide endless excitement and intrigue for our camp community! The special days throughout the session are an opportunity for us to focus in on one specific theme, to go on an adventure outside of camp, to engage in Tikkun Olam (repairing the world) or to just have a ridiculously good time! Read on for a teaser of some of the unique and enriching special programming at Camp Tavor throughout the summer!

Yom Meyuchad (Special Day)
Yom Meyuchad (Special Day) is an especially unique day at camp, during which all of the day’s activities focus on a special theme chosen by the year’s madrichimot (counselors). One year, the day’s theme was “Lion King vs. Prince of Egypt” and the chanichimot (campers) woke up to find the chadar ochel (dining hall) decorated with branches, sand, and rocks to simulate an Egyptian desert experience!   


Madatz Rev
Madatz Rev, short for Madatz Revolution, is a highlight of the summer program! Madatz Rev is a day planned and facilitated by the Madatz – our counselors-in-training. As a part of their leadership development program, the Madatz spend the summer planning a themed day for all of camp and “take camp over” from the madrichimot (counselors) for the day. Past theme have included “Alice in Wonderland and “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”. The Madatz Rev is a wonderful day for chanichimot and an impactful day for the Madatz, who have the opportunity to take on more responsibility for the camp community!


Bocoup is another highlight of the Camp Tavor summer programming and an opportunity to showcase the creativity and innovation of our Bogrimot campers! The BoCoup tradition is inspired for the Habonim Dror movement’s history of rebellion. During BoCoup, the Bogrimot – the oldest campers at camp – “take over” Machaneh for an evening (hence the “coup” part) to facilitate programming for the rest of the camp community. The Bogrimot work together all session to develop a fun evening program for the younger chanichimot and the experience of planning and implementing programming is an incredible and formative leadership development process for the Bogrimot. Similar to our other special days, BoCoup always has a unique theme that is chosen by the year’s Bogrimot. In 2016, the theme was “The Oscars” and all of the chanichimot worked to find the missing Oscar statue!


Tikkun Olam
Tikkun Olam – “Repairing the World” – is an integral part of Camp Tavor’s values and programming. At Camp Tavor, we believe it is our obligation to integrate the development of Jewish identify with an obligation to work towards justice. As a way of living our values, each session all of the Camp Tavor chanichimot (campers) engage with a different service-learning experience with our Southwest Michigan neighbors. Each shichva (age-group) travels together to visit and engage with a different community or program that is striving to improve the local community. Following the service-learning experience, each group reflects on the experience and makes connections between Tikkun Olam and Jewish identity. In the past, Camp Tavor has partnered with local farmers to help harvest crops, assisted at a local food bank and worked on park improvement and clean-up projects in the surrounding community. We hope that our Tikkun Olam tradition can be the beginning of the continuation of a life-time of working to improve our world!


Tiyul (Trip)
Tiyul is the name of Camp Tavor’s camping trips.  Each session, each shichva (age group) gathers together to experience a camping trip beyond the Camp Tavor property. We know that camping and hiking trips provide an unmatched opportunity for reflection, community building, and self-discovery, and we work to ensure that each camper has an opportunity to develop greater self-confidence while engaging with the great outdoors. Past tiyul activities have included hiking, biking trips, swimming, and (always) singing around a medura (camp fire).


Yom Yisrael (Israel day)
Yom Yisrael, similar to Yom Meyuchad, is a whole day at camp dedicated to Israel education. Often a Yom Yisrael (sometimes referred to as “Yom Yis”) will have a theme (past themes have included  the kibbutz movement and social justice movements in Israel), and include a mix of silly, substantive and reflective activities to get kids thinking about Jewish identity and the State of Israel.