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  • Counselors (Madrichim) Our college-aged madrichim, most of whom grew up at Camp Tavor, bring out the interests and creativity of each camper, building a close community of friendship and respect. It’s not uncommon to see counselors with older and younger campers playing and laughing side-by-side, eating a meal together, or deep in discussion. Our counselor-to-camper ratio is never more than 1:5 and often it is closer to 1:3. Counselors sleep in the tents and cabins with campers, providing supervision and ensuring safety and security.
  • Waterfront/Pool Staff Our waterfront and pool staff is trained and certified by the American Red Cross and other agencies. We follow the rules and regulations of the State of Michigan and the American Camping Association.
  • Medical Staff Two members of the medicalĀ  staff live at camp each summer in our mirpaah (wellness center). All are experienced, licensed medical professionals who are accessible to campers and staff 24 hours a day. We consult with local physicians for care when necessary and have a hospital approximately three miles away, in case of an emergency.
  • Food Service Staff Each summer, former campers and hired professionals work together to both prepare meals and keep our dining facility clean, healthy, and safe. Our staff members are selected based on their experience and desire to provide healthy, kosher meals for our campers. When necessary, they will adapt meals to meet special camper and staff eating requirements.
  • Specialists Each summer specialists are hired for various activities including arts and crafts, sports, Hebrew, music, tiyul (camping), tikkun olam (community service), and special projects.